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The Kids Are Coming...

Kids are tons of fun, and can add so much to your wedding. The trick is how to include children and not have it turn into a kids party. Keeping them entertained, and allowing parents to relax can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions to make sure all your guests, young and old, have a ball at your wedding.


Make sure you have age-appropriate activities. Crayons and paper are inexpensive, and provide an activity younger and older kids alike enjoy. Goal-oriented projects for the wedding couple are wonderful ways for them to feel like they are a part of the celebration. A giant wedding card is a fun idea. Michaels and other craft stores are great places to start. There are also fantastic craft sites on the web to give you unique ideas. We love Miranda Made. She has fun original ideas that you can use at your wedding or other occasions. Just make sure the activities are not only age-appropriate, but gender friendly. The little boys may not want to make a dolly or a ring box. Picking crafts that are unisex is the best way to go.


If you have a large number of children coming to your wedding you may consider having a separate room just for them. Many venues have areas that can be used for this very thing. Some are set up with TV areas where the little ones can watch a movie and rest while the party is going on. Adjoining rooms are wonderful if they are available, because the kids are close to their parents. This makes everyone feel more comfortable. If weather is permitting, set up an outdoor area for them to play.

If you know in the planning stage that children will be attending your wedding, ask the venues what areas they have used for kids in the past, and whether they provide any children services.

You may also consider hiring a sitter or a children’s entertainer (balloon maker, face painter, magician, or someone to play games with them.) Having someone there to give them special attention not only will help entertain them, but will also enable their parents to enjoy your event more fully knowing that their kids are being looked after.

If these options are out of your budget or if your location is too small, don’t fear – a great kids table at your reception can often do the job. Make a playful table for them. Give them their own special center pieces. These can be your crafts for them. Making sure they have something to do is key. Toasts, cake cutting, and first dances can be a bit boring to the little ones.


A kids menu is a must. Not only will most children not appreciate the expensive food you are serving your adult guests – they won’t like it. You can save money having a child friendly menu and they will actually eat the food. If you are having very little ones, consider getting cups with lids. Their parents will love you for it.

When children feel like they are a part of the wedding, not just an afterthought, they will have a ball and so will you!

Let the party begin!!!!!

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