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Words cannot express how much we thank you for all that you did for our wedding.  You were truly amazing.  You made all our dreams and wishes come true.  You made our wedding perfect in every way.  It was such a joy to work with you every step of the way.  You truly went above and beyond in dealing with all the little hiccups and family issues at our wedding. We really feel like you are a member of our family at this point.

Love, Kelsey and Keith


Kathy knows all the best vendors, has an intuitive sense of people, is extremely helpful with the logistics of weddings and receptions, gives precise attention to every detail, and is a pleasure to work with!

Kathy is absolutely the BEST in every way, and we would recommend her to you very highly!          

Fondly, Carolyn


Thank you so much for taking care of every single wedding detail!  Kenneth and I enjoyed our wedding, family and friends the entire day.  We so appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes, the work with the caterer and all you did to coordinate with our vendors.  We are so blessed to start our life together, and we are grateful that you are a part of those beginning moments.

With sincere gratitude, Keasha and Kenneth


Words cannot express our gratitude, for helping us coordinate our wedding celebration.  With utmost grace and professionalism, you have been integral in creating these special moments that we will hold close to our hearts for the rest of our lives.  You must have heard this a million times over your years of experience, but we truly believe that we never could have done it without you.  On a personal note, you have become a very special person to us, Kathy.  Thank you for walking with us on this journey.  We hope you will always consider us among friends.                                      

Love, Doug and Gina


I just wanted to let you know I think about you.  You are an amazing wedding planner and such a SPECIAL person!!  My friends and our family cannot stop talking about the wedding.  The consensus is that it was the most spectacular wedding and I have to agree!!  Not only did you pull off an incredible wedding in a short period of time, but I also LOVED working with you.  I feel like you are a family member and that we have always known each other!!                                          

Take care, love ya, Marcy


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so grateful for your help in planning our wedding.  It was beautiful and fun and happy and special.  Most of all it was what we wanted.  Thank you for all your encouragement, advice and support.  You are an amazing woman and wonderful friend.  We are so lucky to have you in our lives.  Thank you, thank you Kathy!!

Love, Jeni


We cannot adequately express the appreciation and admiration we have for you and the work you did on Nicole and Armandos wedding.  In less than four months you organized a wedding that surpassed all of our expectations.  You took what seemed to us to be an overwhelming task and made it look easy.  Every detail was perfect.  It seemed, from the time we met, that you understood better than us our vision for the wedding and reception.  You introduced us to the various suppliers, all of whom were perfect for what we had in mind.  Every detail was creative, inventive and perfect for Nicole and Armando.  All of the guests: old and young, cautious and bold raved about the wedding and reception.  People were talking for weeks about the whole affair.  Most of all we want to tell you how much we appreciate getting to know you. Working with you was an absolute pleasure.  We almost wish we had more daughters so we could work with you again. Thanks to you and the team you assembled.  We all have nothing but fond memories of the entire process and of the event.  You made the entire process fun for all of us.  

Sincerely, Bruce and Tammy


I am so grateful for your help in making our wedding happen.  Thank you for your eye for detail, constant support, and gentle way of keeping me on track.  You were such an integral part and we couldn't  have asked for anyone better.  Really, your help made a world of difference for how things turned out.  My family could not have been happier.  Thanks for giving us the best gift of all - the perfect day!

We love you to pieces, Amy and Mike


Peter and I are still floating around in a state of euphoria because the wedding could not have been more successful.  All the parts came together so perfectly to make it so memorable for family members and friends.  We know this successful outcome was not just a happy accident.  You played such an important role in planning and making everything work properly, and we know that we couldn't have pulled it off without your help.  Not only were you professional and knowledgeable, but your style and tactfulness helped us stay on track and not become over-anxious (which is easy to do when one is 1000 miles away from the wedding site).  Holly and I felt you were very sensitive to our needs and volunteered good practical advice when it was solicited.  And your directions and connections provided a resource in putting together our team.  We understand why you end up with so many new friends from your consulting business. You provide an important service and do it in a way that makes people very glad that you are a member of their team.  BOY! WERE WE EVER HAPPY THAT YOU WERE ON OURS!!!  You are a lovely lady and we sincerely enjoyed working with you.  Thank you so much for orchestrating such an incredibly wonderful and memorable wedding for Holly and Eric.

Fondly, Peter and Incy


From the moment Lindsey and I met you, we liked you and it was a pleasure to work with you the whole time.  You are not only organized and efficient, but you are also warm, friendly, upbeat, calming and easy to be around.  You kept us on track and way more relaxed than we would have been.  I truly enjoyed myself during the planning and at the wedding because you were in the wings.  Thank you for everything you did for me, but most of all to make Lindsey's wedding a dream come true.

xo, Sandy and John


Jason and I will always be grateful for your generous assistance.  Without it, we never would have had the wedding of our dreams.  Thanks to you our wedding was a perfect celebration.  I never knew what a wedding consultant did, but I sure do now!  Thank you.  I couldn't possibly have had anything close to the wedding I wanted without your help.  Because of your time, patience, understanding and organization - I had a perfect wedding day.  You went above and beyond what either of us expected.  I will always hold you dear to my heart, I feel fortunate to have gotten to know someone as special as you.  Thanks again - your one in a million!

Best regards, Beth


The wedding, I thought was absolutely beautiful.  Everything went smoothly, and it was as nearly a perfect day as we could have ordered.  We were blessed!  You were the best part of the whole wedding experience.  I am so thankful we were introduced to you and that you agreed to work with us.  From our first phone conversation to the last, I always felt that you were kind, caring, and patient; and I knew that I could trust your judgment.  Without your expertise, we could not have had such a lovely wedding.  We have received many compliments, thanks to you.  I can only say that whoever is fortunate enough to have you as a wedding coordinator is going to have a positive experience and will probably make a friend.  I was confident that on the day of the wedding that every detail and every vendor would be taken care of by you and that I could appear as the mother of the bride.  Thank you for making our wedding memorable.  It was a fun day.

Sincerely and thankfully, Dona


Time has flown by since the wedding.  But time has not faded my memories of the wonderful wedding celebration that you made possible.  Mark and I want to say thank you again.  Early on in the planning process as Mark viewed it from afar without knowing much of the detail, I could tell he was skeptical of our need for a professional wedding planner. After all, he sees me as an organized, list-making person who ought to be able to pull off a wedding.  As the actual wedding day approached and Mark was around to see you in action, he became your biggest fan.  He marveled at your ability to enable us to have the loveliest, most gracious wedding we could envision.  Our wedding guests are still enthusing about the weekend: the music, the food, the cake, the party.  Your recommendations for florist, orchestra, cake artist, photographer, and caterer brought us the most reliable, professional, and talented individuals.   We would not have found any of them without you.  I enjoyed working with you through the entire pleasant process of planning.  Again, thank you.  We could not have had the gala we had without you.

Fondly, Katherine


There is not one person I would have rather helped me plan my wedding!  You have a beautiful disposition and grace that make a great, yet stressful time fabulous!  Thank you for all the wonderful qualities you brought to the table to put together an event of a lifetime!  My guests could even feel your strength, as I was questioned over and over, who is your wedding planner - she is awesome!  What can I say?  Thank you for being there for me.                                                    

Always, Trish and Tom


Thank you for coordinating the hands down best day of my life.  I cannot stop smiling every second thinking about it.  I loved every single second of our wedding and thought it was just perfect.  Thank you for always having us in mind and striving to make this the perfect wedding for US.  Mom and I will never forget how you always looked to me for the answers because I was the bride - precious of you.

Love, Ashley

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